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Experience enhanced range and torque with the all new 40Ah battery – a whopping 17.5% increase over stock! Reserve yours today for arrival in May, and beat them all to the finish line with the best Light Bee on the market today! Choose between Black, Silver, Blue, and the newly released Purple! We have limited availability on the color choices, so act fast to secure yours.

If you haven’t already heard, the Surron Light Bee is a fully capable light weight electric dirt bike. It has tons of torque, plush suspension, and is capable both on and off road. The Surron is also highly upgradeable allowing riders to customize each bike to their needs. Make sure to check out all of our upgrade options to get your bike exactly the way you want it.

The Surron Light Bee is an ideal choice for Hawaii riding. Its compact design and electric motor make it perfect for tackling diverse terrains quietly and eco-consciously. With a long-lasting battery, it offers extended exploration and agile handling, providing a thrilling, eco-friendly experience whether you’re by the coast or in Hawaii’s lush inland.

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Why buy from us?
We are a dedicated electric bike shop with a qualified sales team and mechanics
We ship to all outer islands
We offer flexible 0% financing options (apply here)
We offer multi-unit discounts

We have Surron Upgrades
Upgraded sprocket for more torque
Chain – chain is required for sprocket upgrade
Upgraded pegs – perfect for more grip
Peg stabilizer bar
Upgraded handlebars – get some rise on
Switch for head light – toggle on off to save on battery during the day
Upgraded LED headlight
Tires (rear enduro) front kenda knobby tire upgrade
Fox 40 front fork

Bike Features

Specifications are subject to change without notice.
Sine wave controller for smoother power with more torque, plus ReGen for improved range
KKE or DNM or Surron suspension
Improved riding position: wider, thicker seat combined with a wider, higher handlebar
Heavier-duty gold O-ring chain for lower maintenance and reduced noise
Updated brakes: 4-piston, titanium-finished calipers, now with sintered pads for improved heat dissipation and braking power
Pro handlebar grips in grey

Electronic Parts

Controller Type: Sine wave controller. The motor controllers can use 48V and 60V Sur-Ron battery packs.
Horn: Standard Horn
Charger Type: 60V charger, 67.2V @ 10A, 3 hour fast charge
Battery Pack 60 Volt
Cells: Panasonic PF cells, 34Ah
Headlight Type: LED
USB Power Source: Single USB socket 2100mA (phone charger)
Dashboard: IBN negative LCD display

Dimensions and Weight

Length: 1870mm
Width: 780mm
Height: 1040mm
Max. Ground Clearance: 270mm
Wheelbase: 1260mm
Seat Height: 810mm
Vehicle Weight: 50kg
Weight Distribution of Fr. Wheel Axle: 24kg
Weight Distribution of Rr. Wheel Axle: 26kg
Max. Load Capacity: 100kg

Angle and Stroke

Forward Inclining Angle: 26i
Steering Angle: 46i
Front Suspension Stroke: 200mm
Rear Suspension/Wheel Stroke: 87/210mm

Performance and Transmission

Max Motor Rotation Speed: 4500rpm
Cooling Method: Air-cooled
Climbing Angle: 35i (can be upgraded with aftermarket mods)
Max Speed: 45mph
Range: 62 at 12mph
Max Torque: 200Nm
Gearshift type and transmission ratio: 1:7:6
Belt Brand and Model: ContiTech HTD 8M CXA
Rear Sprocket: 48T-106 (Standard)

Frame and Shock Absorbers

Frame Type: Aluminum alloy double cradle design
Shock Absorber Front: Double-tube telescopic shock absorber
Shock Absorber Rear: Multi-link central shock absorber upgraded to a more heavy duty rear Shock

Tires & Brakes

Tire Size Front: 70/100-19
Tire Size Rear: 70/100-19
Wheel Type Front: 19 x 1.4
Wheel Type Rear: 19 x 1.4
Brake Type Front: Bilateral 4 piston hydraulic disc brake
Brake Type Rear: Bilateral 4 piston hydraulic disc brake


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