Light Bee KKE 50mm CNC Handle Bar Riser


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This is the best, quickest, cheapest and easiest solution for improving your Sur Ron’s riding position and handle bar height.

The stock Sur Ron bars can be a low cramping riding position and cause a sore back due to forcing excessive lean over while riding off road. 

KKE’s Risers not only raise the bar position but move it slightly forward providing more room to move about, greater rider control, greater stability and more weight over the front wheel which improves balance on hills.

By raising the stock Sur Ron bars, in 5 minutes your riding can be greatly improved. No need to remove throttle or brake assemblies or drill for throttle block mount. Simply remove the stock Sur Ron riser clamp and replace with this adjustable riser.


– 50mm Fixed Clamp
– CNC Alloy
– Fast, Easy fitting
– Provides more strength over stock clamp

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Colour ? Black

Black, Blue, Purple, Red


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