Wren Inverted Suspension Fork



  • Inverted Twin Fork with Carbon Bash Guards
  • Available in MTB 110mm and For Fat bikes in 150mm spacing!
  • Keyed Stanchions
  • Twin Air Spring Rollout
  • Inverted design for better response under all conditions, tested to -50 degrees
  • Damping system uses both an oil shock and air shock, fully adjustable
  • The Fat version Fits 26 inch wheel with a 5 inch maximum tire width (150 mm hub selection)
  • The MTB version will clear a 3″ tire (110mm hub selection)
  • Carbon bash guards at no extra price!

We met the owner of Wren forks at Interbike and were truly impressed with this local American company.

We think this is the best Fat Suspension Fork on the market.

The Wren Aluminum Fat Bike Suspension Fork continues to set the standard  as being the “Bluto Killer” now with the added feature of Keyed Stanchions.  Similar to the design of a motorcycle fork, the keyed stanchions prevent stanchion twist and keep you running true.  The Wren inverted design puts the 36mm stanchions on the bottom reducing the lower mass of the fork making it more responsive to the trail. The beefed up crown and 43mm uppers provide the strength and torsional rigidity. All Wren suspension forks have fully adjustable rebound and compression on the oil side. In addition, the Wren fork has a rider accessible dial to make compression adjustments on the fly including lockout. The new TwinAir  spring allows for quick and easy pressure changes to keep you fine tuned for the trail. And all TwinAir forks now come with carbon bash guards with carbon clamps, 2 travel clips and 2 hose/cable guides! Attention snow riders – this fork works in the cold. Get your freeze on!


  • Hub Spacing: 150mm or 110mm
  • Tire/Wheel Size for the FAT 150mm*: ≤ 26″ x 5.0″, ≤27.5″ x 4.0″, ≤29″ x 3.0″
  • Tire/Wheel Size for the 110mm :≤ 26″ x 3.0″, ≤27.5″ x 3.0″, ≤29″ x 3.0″
  • Travel  Length (110mm travel): 530mm (adjustable to 520mm, 510mm or 500mm)
  • Travel Length (150mm travel): 570mm (adjustable to 560mm, 550mm, 540mm or 530mm)
  • Travel: 110mm-150mm (adjustable to 100mm, 90mm or 80mm) depending on model selected
  • Steerer: Tapered – 1.125″ ~ 1.5″
  • Crown: AL6066T6 forged
  • Stanchions: AL7050 hard anodized, 36mm
  • Uppers: AL7050 hard anodized, 43mm
  • Dropouts: Forged
  • Axle: QR15 included
  • Brake: Post mount
  • Offset: 45mm
  • Weight: 2151 grams / 4.7 pounds, or 2280 grams / 5.0 pounds
  • You will also need to reuse your start nut and crown race or you can buy them at JensonUSA, Chain Reaction, Ebay or Amazon


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