Light Bee Maxi Grip 70/100-19″ MX Tyre



The ultimate replacement tyre for Surron Light Bee Models the 70/100-19 MAXI GRIP SG1-F

NZ DESIGNED for the toughest conditions. The new Maxi Grip SG1 is here! The best-performing, best-value knobby tyre on the market.


  • Designed for prevailing tough conditions which tend to be ‘soft-to-medium’ terrain.
  • Rubber compound is firmer than usual—this helps maintain the tyres’ knob edges, gives longer life, minimises tread wander and delivers stability at speed.
  • Knob depth is generous—as much as 1.5mm deeper than the current competition.
  • Knob spacing around the tyre is maximised to give the rider a ‘bigger bite’, improved traction and lateral steerage on the front.
  • Shoulder knobs feature tie-bar support for improved cornering stability and durability.
  • Paddle shaped centre knobs on rear increase traction under acceleration and stability when braking.
  • Lightweight for optimised performance.
  • 70/100-19″


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